Ross Fountain restoration update

The Ross Fountain is without question one of the most iconic landmarks in Edinburgh’s rich landscape and has stood proudly for 145 years  It had however been without water for a number of years and urgently required restoration.  As part of our renewal of West Princes Street Gardens we have commissioned a heritage conservation specialist to manage the restoration process and return the Fountain to it’s former glory.   The process of removing the Fountain began on 6th July and is all but complete.  But what next?  Well, as you can see, the Ross Fountain is made up of many pieces.  122 to be exact.

The restoration process involved dismantling all 122 pieces of the fountain before transporting them to Wigan where each individual piece will be expertly them repaired, restored and repainted each piece.

As you can see, that is no mean feat, with each piece being amazingly heavy due to the solid cast iron casing that makes each one.

We’ll be keeping you up to date with the renovation over the coming weeks and months so you can keep up to date with your Ross Fountain.