You are encouraged to send us an email at any time to comment on any aspect of the proposals. Some frequently asked questions that have already been submitted are shown below.

General FAQs

Generic questions covering all the projects.

Why are we calling it a Pavilion?

Although currently everyone knows the building as the ‘Ross Bandstand’ it hasn’t actually been a Bandstand since 1935 when it was resigned to look the way it does today. It was important for the design competition to give it a name that would encourage the world’s best architects to want to submit a solution and continuing to call the venue a bandstand we felt would not do this. We also see this project as a fresh start for West Princes Street Gardens and ‘pavilion’ much better encapsulates the type of venue we are looking for.

What is the Ross Development Trust?

The Ross Development Trust (RDT) is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) founded to manage the delivery of a number of improvements within West Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh. Our board consists of a number of very experienced local professionals from a range of sectors who all share the vision to improve the offering of Edinburgh’s premier garden.

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What are the plans for the Ross Bandstand?

The Ross Development Trust plan to replace the Ross Bandstand with a brand new facility of incredible architectural design which will become renowned with Edinburgh the world over. It will also provide state of the art facilities which will greatly increase the number of possible events that can take place here. The RDT are hosting an international design competition to attract the best architects the world has to offer to design the new Bandstand.

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What is happening to the Ross Fountain?

We are going to make it work again! We have commissioned Lost Art, one of the leading cast iron fountain restorers in the UK to undertake this work. They were recently responsible for the amazing restoration of the Paisley fountain in 2015. The process involves dismantling the fountain piece by piece, transporting it to Lost Art’s workshop where it will be repaired, cleaned and painted before being transported back to its home in the Gardens and rebuilt in all its glory. In the period the fountain is away getting repaired we will be improving the foundation and providing a state of the art pump and maintenance facility which will mean the fountain will continue to operate for the next 100 years.

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Will access be improved?

We know that currently accessing the garden can be difficult at the best of times. The overall aim of this project is to create a space that people want to visit and spend time in, if you can’t actually get into it then that causes a problem. Improving access is one of our main aims and we are looking at a number of options at doing this. We are looking at increasing the number of access points and the possibility of a lift to make sure the Gardens are accessible to all.

Will the gardens continue to be a ‘tranquil space’?

Definitely. The gardens will continue to be a haven of peace in the city centre. It may seem that we have a lot of work planned and we do, however almost all of the work we are doing is improving existing facilities and returning a lot of the current concrete areas back to green space. The hard standing concrete area in front of the bandstand will be removed and opened up to the public to walk through for the first time in years. The red blaes area next to the children’s playpark will be re-landscaped and turned into a usable garden space. This project is a combination of improving existing facilities whilst returning redundant areas into beautiful garden space.

When will we see things happening?

We have a number a planned improvements which will all start happening at different times. You can find out more about the projects. The project to replace the bandstand won’t start for a little while because we have a lot to do before we can start work. However there are a number of other projects that will be starting very shortly. Follow us on social media or subscribe on the website to be kept up to date with what’s happening.

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How can I have a say in what’s planned?

Princes Street Gardens belongs to the people of Edinburgh and therefore your views are important to us. If you have an idea of something you would like to see please email us or contact us on social media. Our intention has always been to do what is best for the city and your opinion is hugely important to us so please get involved.

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What sort of events will be held there?

We believe there should be something on for people to do every day in the Gardens. However, this doesn’t mean daily concerts for thousands of people, far from it. We will be retaining the main events the Garden currently hosts; the festival fireworks and Hogmanay with the ability to add a couple more if there is sufficient desire. The new bandstand facility will have the ability to host small enclosed daily events for a small audience without impacting on the rest of the gardens.

How do you choose the architect?

The Ross Development Trust have commissioned one of the leading hosts of international architectural competitions in the UK, Malcolm Reading Consultants to manage the process of selecting an architect.

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We are confident that due to the unique setting and backdrop of the gardens this competition will attract the very best architects from all over the world. The competition will last a number of months with a winner being selected towards the end of the summer. There will be a number of public consultations and a display of shortlisted designs before the winner is picked. Keep informed by following us on social media or subscribing on the website for updates.

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How will it be funded?

We have a fundraising plan in place to raise money from a number of private sources and are confident we can raise enough to complete everything we have planned. We have already received a number of large private donations which are a great start and allow us to begin work immediately. If you feel this is a project close to your heart and would like to make a donation to show support then please subscribe on the website or get involved.

Supporting Us FAQs

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