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The Ross Development Trust is a registered charity created for the sole purpose of revitalising Edinburgh’s West Princes Street Gardens.

We seek donations to help fund our many projects to revitalise West Princes Street Gardens. Make a donation online now via the secure form below.

You can also make a pledge to the Trust, buy into one of our many sponsorship opportunities or help us by starting a fundraising effort. Learn more here.

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If you would like to learn more or wish to discuss this with us, may we encourage you to register your interest. A member of the Fundraising team will contact you to discuss the various sponsorship opportunities or methods of support.

The Trust have an Appeal Board tasked with raising funds to meet the capital cost of the project, and to provide regular funds for future maintenance of the gardens. Individual appeals will be launched for specific projects as they become ready for development; so gaining your support is vital to us.

The current appeal centres on the restoration of the Ross Fountain. The Trust has sufficient funds pledged to carry out this work, but we would like to reserve some of it for the many other developments that will take place in the coming few years.

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