The Trust have an Appeal Board tasked with raising funds to meet the capital cost of the project and to provide regular funds for future maintenance of the Gardens. Individual appeals will be launched for specific projects as they become ready for development, so gaining your support is vital to us.

The current appeal centres on the restoration of the Ross Fountain. This involves carefully disassembling all 122 pieces of the fountain, taking them off-site to allow each piece to be cleaned, repaired and painted, and then reassembling back on site. It’s an expensive and lengthy process, costing in excess of £1 million, but the Fountain once restored is expected to not only meet current environmental requirements, but should have a lifespan of more 100 years.

The Trust has sufficient funds pledged to carry out this work, but we would like to redistribute some of these funds into the many other developments that will take place in the coming few years and also attract more funding to help realise our wider ambition to revitalise all of West Princes Street Gardens for the city, its people and its international visitors.


You can help support our Gardens project by making a donation online now or via our other programmes below.

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We want to encourage all kinds of fundraising activity to support our Gardens project. If you or a group of friends or colleagues have a fundraising idea, please contact our Fundraising team. They will contact you to discuss your ideas and provide guidance and support.

Pledges and Sponsorships

The pledging of large donations and sponsorship are welcomed by the Trust. Contact our Fundraising team now and we’ll get in touch to discuss with you.


Some may be perfectly happy to provide some funds anonymously, but at the Trust, we believe such generosity should be recognised and shared.
Whatever the level of donation, there will be formal recognition on the Trust’s website (or anonymity if preferred), and depending on the level of support, we may wish to classify these into Gold, Silver, and Bronze levels.

Every amount, however large or small, is valuable to achieving the overall financial target, enabling West Princes Street Gardens to be a truly special place in the heart of Edinburgh.