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We are keen to involve a wide range of volunteers within the projects, and to promote public involvement in many of the developments we have planned for the Gardens. This is not about donating cash, but encouraging as many as possible to engage with us and contributing your most valuable asset – your time.

We have no prior expectation of exactly how much of your time would be given to any project; but even a few hours a month would make all the difference.

We have a range of activities where public support is invaluable, and we would really appreciate your help. Sign up for one or more of the various projects that need assistance and we will be in touch at an early date.


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By submitting your details, you consent to The Ross Development Trust keeping you informed from time to time via email about the plans to revitalise West Princes Street Gardens and about opportunities for you to get involved.

Friends of the gardens

One of our key aims is for the gardens to be seen at their very best. The gardeners already set a high standard on the physical appearance of the park, but a few extra volunteers to assist with the many tasks that they undertake would be invaluable. This may be weeding, planting and just general garden maintenance, but it’s a large space and needs a fair bit of attention.

Volunteers would be recognised with “Friends of the Gardens” clothing, and it will offer the chance to engage as a city ambassador with the many visitors to the Capital.

We would love you to sign up as one of the “Friends of the Gardens” who support the objectives of the Trust and can give a few hours of your time, especially in the summer months, to assist the gardeners and rangers in maintaining the park grounds.