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Vehicular bridge

There will be a number of improvements to make the Gardens more accessible. One of these will be the replacement of the current vehicular bridge. The current bridge has a 7.5 tonne weight limit which prevents its use by a number of heavier vehicles. A stronger bridge will be required for vehicles necessary during the construction phase of the new Ross Pavilion.

A new bridge is an essential piece of infrastructure which will be required mainly during the construction phase of the new Pavilion. Currently larger vehicles over the 7.5 tonne limit are required to stop on Kings Stables road and de-cant equipment into smaller vehicle to be able to reach the Gardens.

This causes an issue every year at Hogmanay especially when the event organisers are required to set up a building site within the Gardens for a number of weeks to allow the set up for Hogmanay to be completed. By replacing the bridge and allowing larger vehicles to access the gardens then this set up process would take a matter of days rather than weeks and hugely decrease the disruption within the Gardens.