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The view of the Ross Fountain with the Castle in the backdrop has become a postcard image of the city. However, the Ross Fountain has now lain derelict and been without water for a number of years. As one of Edinburgh’s most recognised images, The Ross Development Trust have prioritised the restoration of this amazing monument. We have commissioned an experienced heritage conservation specialist to manage the restoration process. The Ross Fountain restoration is expected to be completed in the summer of 2018.

The work required is extensive and budgeted at a figure in the region of £1.5million. The Ross Fountain project, from start to finish, is estimated to take around a year. After restoration, the Ross Fountain should be in pristine condition, capable of withstanding the Scottish climate for the next 100 years.


The original installation took place nearly 150 years ago, at a time when building practices were not as disciplined as the modern standards. The Fountain has little by way of foundations and over the years it has tilted off the vertical. It was installed at a time when water conservation was not an issue and subsequently has no system in place to recycle and manage the filtration of the water.

The restoration process involved dismantling all 122 pieces of the fountain before individually repairing, restoring and repainting each piece. A proper foundation has now been put in place to make sure it has a steady base for its next 150 years in the Gardens. The fountain will soon be rebuilt in its original location.

Piling and ground works are supplemented by an underground chamber that will house the necessary pumps, and filtration systems required for it to operate year round. These also allow it to be easily maintained and monitored to ensure we don’t end up with a non-operational fountain again.

If you’d like to help contribute to support the restoration of the fountain please visit our donate page.